A hazmat-suited researcher in a bathroom/toilet, credited only as the slime narrator, talks about discovering a new kind of parasite that attempts to complete its life cycle within various contemporary media platforms.
It quickly emerges that our narrator has possibly started to lose his mind or has been affected by the parasite as he explores topics such as Virtual Reality worm simulations, our symbiotic relationship to 7-11s, AI censorship parasites, to the appearance of programmable dark matter, slime TV game shows, parasite pornography and mutant YouTube cat videos.
Chroma Art festival, Miami, USA, 2024
ONED art/experimental film festival, Beijing, China, 2024
Revelation International film festival, Perth, Australia, 2024
AA29 video project, Caserta, Italy, 2024
Post-Cinema film festival, Sicily, Italy, 2024 (Honorable Mention)
Thornbury picture house, Melbourne, 2024
Worm Pornography trailer

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