Framed as a series of oversized endoscope or colonoscopy videos - The inner body is represented as an alien planet, unexplored as an unknowable zone of otherness. The inner space of the body as alien terrain.
The inner body is often unseen, off limits and hidden from view: the inverse to the over visibility of our exterior selves. Fleshify the World: Planet of the Inner Body is a work that revels in the strangeness of our messy and wet interiors.
My view of the interior body here is not only alien, but potentially post human, an endoscope onto the future body, that is part human and part something else…
3 video projectors project the work in a space onto 3 different walls, surrounding the viewer in visceral body interiors. Normally endoscopes and colonoscopy videos are used for clinical and diagnostic purposes, however my work explores such terrain for its visceral aesthetic potential. 

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