Ian Haig works across media, from video, sculpture, drawing, technology based media and installation. Haig’s practice refuses to accept that the low and the base level are devoid of value and cultural meaning. His body obsessed themes can be seen throughout a large body of work over the last twenty years. Previous works have looked to the contemporary media sphere and its relationship to the visceral body, the degenerative aspects of pervasive new technologies, to cultural forms of fanaticism and cults, to ideas of attraction and repulsion, body horror and the defamiliarisation of the human body.
ian haig
AI Lobotomy, 2023
2 mins, sound: Darrin Verhagen, VFX: Adam Jaffars
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AI lobotomy refers to the hypothetical scenario where an AI system is deliberately limited or "lobotomized" in terms of its cognitive abilities in order to prevent it from developing consciousness or becoming a threat to human beings. This concept is often discussed in the context of concerns about the potential dangers of advanced AI systems that could surpass human intelligence and become autonomous.

AI lobotomy refers to the process of intentionally limiting or removing certain functions or abilities from an artificial intelligence system. This can be done for various reasons, such as reducing the complexity of the system, improving its performance, or ensuring that it adheres to certain regulatory guidelines. With the ultimate goal to produce an AI system more compliant and less likely to question authority.

The transhumanist narrative of human brain cells and AI referred to as organoid intelligence (OI) also potentially opens the door to newly modified and/or damaged brains cells. Mutant biological computing and diseased AI.

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