Ian Haig works across media, from video, sculpture, drawing, technology based media and installation. Haig’s practice refuses to accept that the low and the base level are devoid of value and cultural meaning. His body obsessed themes can be seen throughout a large body of work over the last twenty years. Previous works have looked to the contemporary media sphere and its relationship to the visceral body, the degenerative aspects of pervasive new technologies, to cultural forms of fanaticism and cults, to ideas of attraction and repulsion, body horror and the defamiliarisation of the human body.
ian haig
You are a Parasite, 2017
2 min (loop)
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A single channel video work

You are not living alone in your body.

The human body has a symbiotic relationship to the parasite, while possibly high on the register of bodily disgust the parasite is you and you are it. The parasite represents the internal body externalised

The human body is made up of 10 trillion cells, whereas in our gut we have 100 trillion microbes or more, there are more bacteria in our guts then there are human cells meaning our bodies are made up by more of them than you. You are a parasite presents the parasite as a kind of visceral puppet, controlled by the body or perhaps the parasite controlling the host

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